Yoga is for every body and every level. If traditional Sun Salutation is not available to you, try this variation using a wall as support.

Sun Salutation is an effective way to warm up your entire body, whether as preparation for more poses or simply to warm yourself up on a cold morning. It’s also a powerful practice on its own that can help you connect with your breath and the rhythmic movements of nature.

Sun Salutation can be made more accessible in a number of ways. You can either practice a variation of a traditional Sun Salutation series by adapting the individual positions within it, or you can remove poses or sections of the series that present the greatest challenge. Other ways to adapt the sequence include using props, such as a wall or chair, as well as practicing in bed or lying on a mat.

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Here are the main benefits of practicing Sun Salutation:

  • Warming up the entire body
  • Linking breath and movement
  • Creating a ritual, a series of movements that you can link together and repeat regularly
  • Connecting to nature

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