Kansa Pooja Collection


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Pooja articles are the source of worship. Our Pooja set consist -1st product, Bell, made out of Bronze (Kansa) or called Bell Metal, Purest material and irresistible design spark our creativity. The sound of bells intrinsically brings a sense of awe and “other-worldliness” to a culture that is so grounded in the “here and now.” A finely crafted bell, well played, can produce a sound that is beautifully mysterious. The Carved wooden handle made out of the finest quality wood of Kadamaba which is most pure and worship worthy.

Deepak is an earthen or metallic tiny pot crafted perfection ally, a twisted cotton tape (Jyot) immersed in it and filled with ghee. It is lighted in every new beginning and worship. The flame is considered to be the source of heat and light. Our Bronze (Kansa) Deepak helps to get the positive energy and cherishes the desire for worship.

Incense Holder, for any type of Incense sticks, or Dhoop is made with highest functionality. The Incense is made by extracting the perfume of sacred wood and flowers. Their aim is to make the atmosphere congenial for spiritual contemplation. We at Anantdev made the product perfection ally to satisfy your every taste of spirituality. The Incense holder can be kept in plate to collect the Ash of incense.

The Chandan katori keeps the chandan fresh and antifungal for very long period. The metal Kansa is the source of positive energy and having antibacterial property.  So keep the chandan alive and fresh for very long period.

Prasad Bowl will keep your Prasad fresh, alive and energized.

Kalash will be used for keeping holy water for pooja.

And a small Thali to keep everything Together

Caring instructions: Careful handling recommended as it has the nature of brittleness.  Avoid use of chemical based detergent or Pitambari. Liquid based soap can be used. After cleaning rub by cotton cloth and stored in dry condition.

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